Nothing can compare with the real, genuine contact with people, but via Internet it is easier to meet them. That is why we strongly invite You to visit our blog, which can be the beginning of our relationship.

We are Malgorzata & Henryk Kopel. We keep stud farm Sabatowka, placed only 20 minutes from Przemysl (south-west direction). Our stable is a typical family business. It was founded in the nineties We breed pure bloodhorses as well as Quarter Horse there.
Henryk – called The Best of all Husbands– is the Master of Zootechnics by education. He also has many years` experience in working with horses in other stables (Nowa Wioska, Stubno, Kalników, Bełwin). That is why mainly he administers the Sabatówka.

Gośka – although she is a dentist – has been crazy about horse breeding as well as horse riding (also the western style) for many years, so she is really and truly helpful – as The First Stableman and The Greatest of all Wives – when it comes to all decisions connected with work, with stud farm or with life itself.

Iwona, Tomek and their offsprings, called Trutka (Poison) and Kuśmidron (untranslatable to English) are the non-resident part of the Sabatówka Team. Because of their occupational & family affairs they occur mainly via Internet posts, photos or substitutions while other members of family want to travel somewhere to see the world. It is obvious, of course, that Trutka and Quśmix come to the stable to cadge all the nice things which are not allowed at home from their grandparents.

Among the family members there are also dogs – (non) shepherd`s but unquestionably bed dogs -, group of cats and the gathering of mice. There couldn`t miss, obviously, some horses, as they are the main organizers of our work, our free time, our duties and our all rights.

Our family has become bigger – our newest member of the household is PIKSEL – horse in the Internet.



If You want to get more information, You can read them in our posts.

Photos used on our pages are made by SABATÓWKA, E.Trojańska-Koch, A.Bielec

If You want to copy or use them, ask for permission.

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  1. artifotoblog pisze:

    Thank you for your visit to my blog. Browse your blog
    Myself have not so much to deal with horses.
    But I think it is certainly interesting to view your photos.
    Greeting from Aart

  2. Herman pisze:

    Thank you for visiting and following HoB. Much appreciated!


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